– NATURAL STONE TILE & STONE MOSAIC TILE – elegant and Natural Stone Floor Tile


Stone tile gives elegant and natural impression for your house. Surya Mas Stone makes natural stone tiles, stone floor tile, outdoor stone tile, and stone mosaic tile

Perhaps you are bored with tile made by factory with molded and silk-screened motifs. Surya Mas Stone presents stone tile products whose patterns are “knitted”. That makes our products very personal and special for you. The stone tile products that we make are made of natural stones. These stones are geologically and in long span of time chiseled by the natural mechanism so that they have rich and unique colors and patterns and strong structure.

We offer two patterns of stone mosaic tile that you can choose, that are symmetric stone tile and abstract stone tile. In the symmetric pattern, our stone tile is stacked by pieces of square stones and pebbles. Whereas, in the abstract pattern, stone tile is stacked by unarranged-shaped stones. Those stone tiles are stacked by skilled hands so it results artistic abstract motif. Stone mosaic tile can be used in various kinds of rooms. It is very suitable for outdoor use such as yard or garden. These stone tiles are also suitable to be used for bathroom and kitchen tile because the surface is not slippery. This tiles are available in 30 x 30 cm2 and 60×60 cm2. Surya Mas Stone can produce goods according to consumer demand.

Besides that, Surya Mas Stone also makes water fountain to beautify your house. One of our best designs is water fountain made of marble which is stacked in layers like the shape of tornado. That water fountain is available in two colors that are black and white.

Quality and customer service are our concerns. We employ the most efficient and modern machinery to process the Natural Stones. We follow rigid quality control procedures, from the quarrying stage to the packing stage. Moreover, we offer our services of quality control and inspection to our buyers. Our work are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and aiming an innovative and high quality of Natural Stones product.